My name is B (short for Bianca) and I am the founder of the B Hair & Beauty. My aim for this blog is for it to grow into an online community where beauty is dynamic, not defined.

Over the years I found myself being the one that my friends and family came to for beauty advice, after all, I did spend 5 years working for Dior & Clinique at my local Debenhams store and then a further 3 years in a salon.

This has helped me gain the makeup, hair, and beauty knowledge that I now have, allowing me to make solid judgements on new products and the latest crazes to hit the market.

I have a burning passion for makeup, skincare, and anything beauty-related, for me, makeup is for fun and self-expression, not fixing and perfection–a place that celebrates and includes women of all shades, cultures and walks of life. I have no affiliation with any beauty supplier and

My opinions and unbiased and honest. I am not trying to sell any product but instead, give my own personal thoughts on each product I try.

Thanks for visiting B Hair & Beauty, see you back here again soon…..hopefully xxx